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"I had never heard of your web site or Horse Homeopathy kit prior to placing my order. I was expecting a two or three week delivery, but it arrived in just a couple of days. The kit is also a better quality product than I was expecting. Then I phone in a question after hours, and before I get to work the next morning, I have an e-mail response, straight forward answer to my question. That's how you make and keep customers. Thank you."   

Your new customer,
South Carolina

Jinx"I want to thank you so much for all of your assistance in helping us with our rescue mare, Jinx. 22 years of age. She had a rough winter with the cold and there was snow on the ground starting in December…the horses didn’t see the ground again til Spring. We were quite concerned about her and she looked very sad and depleted. Her immune system had definitely been drained. In that the skin is the largest organ of the body, her ill health was reflected in her entire skin system…all over her main body and down her legs and her fetlocks…it was like a fungus in places..it would scab and bleed and was just a mess.

As you can see from the photo, she is a totally different horse now.. We treated her from your kit, with Rhus Tox, Thuja and Silica, applied Calendula topically and bathed her with Dr. Bronner’s unscented.

Thank you once again for your dedication and direction in assisting us in treating Jinx. We all say thank you! Especially Jinx!"

Scottie Campbell Keller
"providing the horse power for your real estate dreams"
Williams Realty
Chapel Hill, NC signature


"The Vital Force is an incredible resource for all things horsey & homeopathic...Kristina has been incredibly kind & gracious with her knowledge, since I met her at an EAGALA conference a years ago...her products ROCK, and she's one great cowgirl in my book..."

Love & light from
Templeton Thompson & the happy, healthy Planet Cowgirl herd=)."

Nashville, TN


"Just wanted to let you know how things are going here with the First Aid Kit. My horse, Elvis, has a bad case of scratches, that has been defying any treatment. I really believe that scratches is an "inside out" kind of a thing. I started him on Nux Vomica, because that was the remedy that seemed to fit and also was the first that I saw when I opened the kit. It has worked beautifully! Then I am following up with Thuj and Arnica. Both those are working well too. One of the reasons that I went to the Thuj remedy was because Elvis has some really bad reactions to vaccinations earlier in the year and I felt that those had weakened his body and needed to be addressed even though it was something that happened a while ago. My belief is to treat the whole horse....not just the areas on his legs.

Anyway, I am very happy with the kit! Thank you so much again for your help. "


Marsha Novicki
Dubois, WY


 "We have a rescue facility for horses.  I had heard treating with homeopathy was safe and a good way to clear away the shock of miss treatment to the horses.  We have been blessed with so many wonderful results from your kit.  The horses are forever grateful and the improvement on their overall health has been outstanding.  Thank you for providing so many answers when we call you for emergency's!"

Trisha Welding

Templeton, CA


 "I bought your kit last year and used it on a few occasions for a puncture wound, allergic reaction to a bee sting on my horse and my mares back pain. I decided to use some of the Rhus T in the kit for my back.  It worked beautiful! Not only am I satisfied with the results for my horses, I am also getting to use the kit for myself."

Steve Graham

Alberta, Canada


"My husband and I traveled with our horses around the United States for six months.  We took your kit with us in the saddle bag during our long trail endurance rides knowing no vet would be available miles and hours away.  

There was one time when our horse caught his eye on a tree branch and injured it.  We quickly started giving him remedies from your kit.  His eye stopped watering and swelling went down with in minutes.  We were able to finish the ride with comfort and ease. This is a great product to have on hand when you are waiting for a vet to arrive or just simple little ailments that arise.  We now know that this will ALWAYS be with us on our trail rides."

Forever grateful,

Maggie and Tom Corwin

Portland, Maine


"A case of Colic!   Whew.....I can't thank you enough for your kit we bought at the conference.  Our precious horse was colicing and the vet could not come for another hour.  We decided to at least get her on the colic remedies in the horse homeopathy first aid kit.  We used the Aconite and the Colocynthisis alternating every minute.  Our horse responded quickly up and walking and back to being her self.  Just wanted you to know the positive feedback and thanks a bunch."

Sarah Whitley

Grand Rapids, MI






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