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Walking horseHomeopathy is a holistic healing approach to treating the whole animal: mental, emotional and physical. I am committed to improving the health and vitality of my clients through my knowledge and experience of homeopathy. I will also work with your primary care veterinarian, as needed, to help improve the quality of your horse's life in an "integrated" manner - which adds more support for the client.

Homeopathy is founded on the premise that symptoms seen in a patient are the result of an imbalance or disharmony in the Life Force.

Because of the individualized nature of the Homeopathic treatment, each medicine, each dose, and each dosing schedule is tailored to the specific needs and nature of the patient.

Homeopathy for horses is a holistic system of healing horses based on the use of highly diluted natural substances to trigger a healing response in the horse's body.

The basic principal of equine homeopathy is that any substance that can cause a disease, can also be the principle cure - "like cures like".

Read "The Story of Joy and Homeopathy!"

The picture of health!If given in stronger doses to a healthy horse, the chosen medication would produce the symptoms the medicine is prescribed for. This applies to horses and ponies as well as to human patients. The more dilute a remedy, the more potent and effective it is.

The difference between using conventional drugs on your horse or pony and equine homeopathic remedies is that the drugs treat the symptoms and homeopathy is designed to treat the cause of the horse's symptoms.

After herbal medicine, homeopathy is the second most widely used health care system in the world.

You can always reach me at 1-888-587-9991 to schedule a consultation to discuss your horse's particular health problems.



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